Relax and Explore

Discover a natural and authentic region with numerous cultural, historical, and outdoor activities.

Natural and authentic


The Limousine is a region that has escaped spreading urbanization and has retained a natural and authentic flavor. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and outdoor activities in a bucolic setting. This said, visitors delight in discovering that the region also hosts a rich historical heritage as well as numerous cultural and athletic activities.
Limoges-the old city: Walk from the “Cité” quarter, through the 13th Century Butchers’ neighborhood, passing by the Cathedral (Gothic 13-19C) and the Garden of the Diocese.

Route of Richard, the Lionheart: Discover the road taken by Richard I, visiting the castle’s of the region – Chalus, Chalucet, Rochechouart, Montbrun, Lastours, Nexon…

Village of the Martyrs of Oradour-sur-Glane: Visit this sad testimony of the horrors of WWII.

Reynou Zoo Park: Discover the great diversity of animals from 5 continents in a natural setting around a 19th C château. http://www.parczooreynou.com

La Borie Sound Garden: Experience the sound-enriched landscape of this unique garden. http://jardinslaborie.com

Ginette’s Garden: Stroll through 32,000 sq ft of roses, shrubs, clematis and perennial plants, 1½ miles from Le Boucheron http://www.lejardindeginette.com/

Bellevue Amusement Park: Enjoy the rides, go-karting, paddle-boating… http://www.parc-bellevue.fr

Limousine Aquarium: Watch 2500 fish, covering 3000 species and experience the tactile tank. http://aqariumdulimousin.com

Recreation Lakes
Bussière Galant: swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, adventure activities and more 12 miles from Le boucheron http://espace-hermeline.com
Saint Pardoux: boating, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, adventure activities… (24 miles) http://www.lacsaintpardoux.fr
Vassivière: covering 2500 acres, boating, water sports, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, ropes course, mini-golf… http://www.lelacdevassiviere.com

Canoe Kayak: à Aixe sur Vienne on the Vienne river, 4 miles from the farm http://www.aixeck.fr/

Trekking: numerous hiking trails directly accessible from Le Boucheron and near the St Jacques de Compostelle route, Vézelay-Périgueux-Roncevaux

Le Haras du Parc: Equestrian centre at Nexon, 6 miles away http://www.harasduparcnexon.blogspot.fr

Patinoire de Limoges: Olympic-sized ice skating rink http://www.vert-marine.com/patinoire-limoges-87/

Le Four de Casseaux: historical and technical museum housing its 19th C round oven firing Limoges porcelain http://museedescaaaeaux.com

Maison de Porcelain à Aixe-sur Vienne: porcelain factory and boutique http://www.maisonporcelaine.com/

La Porcelaine Royal à Limoges: porcelain factory and boutique http://www.royal-limoges.fr/

Urêka: Uranium Museum at Bessines http://www.ureka.fr

Opéra de Limoges: http://www.operalimoges.fr

Le Sirque: National Center for Circus Arts at Nexon http://www.cirquenexon.com

Théâtre de l’Union: http://www.theatre-union.fr/

Théâtre de la Passerelle: http://www.theatredelapasserelle.fr/

Théâtre Expression 7: http://www.theatreexpression7-ciemaxeyrolle.fr

Musée Adrien Dubouché: www.musee-adriendubouche.fr/

Musée de la Résistance à Limoges: http://www.ville-limoges.fr

Go-Karting – http://www.rmt-karting.fr/

Bowling – http://www.limogesbowling.fr/

Lazer Games – http://www.lasergame-evolution.com/fr/limoges/

Movies Theatres – https://www.grandecran.fr/limoges-centre/

Discothèques – at nearby Limoges, numerous bars and nightclubs for dancing